I have always been more interested in creative directions so after one year of college I left and started making jewelry. At first I used thin brass wire and beads to make earrings which I sold while visiting my friends in their dorms. It was 1968 and it was a wild time for bucking the norm.

I was running the Yankee Silversmith in Brockton, MA where I had access to all the tools, no major financial obligations and plenty of time to experiment. It was at this time I developed my technique for bringing of yellow gold to the point of being almost molten and then using an old dental tool or tweezers to sculpt a shape.

Because they convey concepts along with beauty, I enjoy using ancient symbols in my work. Japanese Kanji and Celtic Runes are my favorites as their simple lines allow for variations of surface texture without losing their meaning. The Kanji for "Friend", "Healing", "Birth/Life" and "Peace" and the Runes for "Protection" and "Gift/Love" work especially well .

In recent years I have drawn on my love of knitting and crochet to design a line of sweater pins and shawl closures that I have been showing in fiber and wool festivals around New England. Made of either sterling or bronze they look well on plain or patterned garments. Some styles also provide a place to hang your glasses. I am continuing to discover new directions for this concept.


Leslie Wind is a member of
Cape Ann Artisans

Leslie is available by phone at her studio:
(978) 290-6967. E-mail: lesliewind@verizon.net

The designs for jewelry and tools for fiber artists shown on this site are original designs created by Leslie Wind. Others have copied the designs and are selling them on other sites but the designs shown here are the only Leslie Wind Originals.


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